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Hi. I’m Jessica Ruprecht.

Once upon a time I took my dreams, locked them up, and sunk them to the bottom of the ocean. I told myself I wasn’t allowed to have those dreams — that they were too scary and dangerous to keep.

I fashioned myself a new kind of dream instead. A dream built on science and hard work and pensions and paychecks.The kind of dream that seemed like a better idea than the wild yearnings of my tempestuous heart.

It turns out I was wrong. 

For years now I’ve been learning what it takes to excavate the dreams that I locked up and put away — and what happens when we give ourselves permission to want our deepest desires again, one by one.

I can help you excavate your dreams, too.

My clients are the quiet ones. The dreamers. The reliable ones that everyone leans on and no one notices. They keep their dreams close and their hearts closer.

On the outside my clients look like they’ve got it all figured out — the promising career, the steady paycheck, the quiet life that seems perfect.

But on the inside my clients are the ones who yearn for a different life — one that finally brings their deeply buried dreams to life.

I believe that the world needs its dreamers. It needs us to stand up, to harness our courage, and to dare to be seen.

I believe that locked away in the hearts of its dreamers is a power that might just be enough to change the world.

Here’s how we start:

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