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Hi. I’m Jessica Ruprecht.

I have struggled with courage all my life: public speaking, making mistakes, being rejected — you name it, I’ve probably been afraid of it.

Which is why I know exactly how painful and heartbreaking it can be to have a dream and feel like you’ll never be brave enough to achieve it.

For years, I yearned for a life filled with courage and purpose — but I had no idea how to achieve the results I dreamed of.

But I believe that the world needs its dreamers.

It needs us to stand up, harness our courage, and dare to be seen.

It needs us to not let fear keep our work and our hearts hidden from the people who need us most.

But most importantly, you deserve to live your life fearlessly.

I believe that​ the courageous pursuit of your​ dreams is your right.

My clients are the quiet ones, the shy ones, the creators​, the healers, the dreamers.

They’re the ones who never raised their hands in school and who never post on social media. They keep their dreams close and their hearts closer.

On the outside, my clients might look like they’ve got it all figured out — but on the inside, my clients often feel like they’re secretly falling apart.

If you’ve been struggling, if you’ve been stuck in fear, know this: The courage you need is already inside of you and you don’t have to be fierce to be strong.

Those of us with quiet, timid souls are capable of at least as much courage as anyone else — we just need to learn how to wield our power.

I can show you how.

Here’s how we start:

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