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After I graduated from MIT I felt completely and utterly lost. All the things I thought I knew about myself fell away and I entered what Charles Eisenstein calls “the space between stories” — that liminal time when you’ve stopped being the person you were but aren’t yet sure who exactly it is that you are becoming.

chapbook_cover2Fractured was born of those dark days and nights when I didn’t know who I was or where I was going.

Fractured is my gift to you. 

Fractured is a collection of 18 original poems and short fictions that poured from my heart onto the page at a time when my writing was the only thing in my life that still made sense to me.

I believe that words have the power to heal us, to nurture and restore us. I believe that words have the power to save us in times of darkness.

The stories and poems that became Fractured were my lighthouse in the storm.

My words were what rescued me.

Which is why I’m giving my book away for free — that my words might be a light for you in your storm, should you ever find yourself in the space between stories.

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