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Welcome. I’m Jessica.

I’m a walking study in contradictions. A pragmatist and a starry-eyed dreamer. A scientist and a life coach.

For years I let this stop me.

Jessica Ruprecht
© 2014 Simone Agha. Used with permission 🙂

I let being a scientist mean that I couldn’t be a life coach. I let being a pragmatist mean than my dreams would never come true.

But not anymore.

If you’ve got a starry-eyed dreamer locked up inside of you, too, then you’re in the right place.

Because here’s what I know:

The world needs you and your beautiful dreamy heart to stop hiding, to stop playing small, and to finally bring your vision to those who need it most.

I believe that the dreams of the world’s quiet dreamers are like the butterfly effect in chaos theory: the idea that the gentle flapping of a butterfly’s wings on Monday might change the course of a hurricane half-way around the world on Friday.

I believe that when we dare to pursue our dreams we harness we harness a delicate force strong enough to change the world.

As a life coach I help quiet dreamers harness their courage and break free of “the rules” so that they can stop yearning and start living.

A bit more about me.

I’m a country girl turned city-dweller whose heart still yearns for tall trees and oceans. I plan to move back some day.

I’m a highly sensitive person which for years I perceived as a weakness. I’m still learning all the ways in which my sensitivity is really my strength.

I’m a scientist with two degrees from MIT and several peer-reviewed research papers to my name. I believe in logical explanations and scientific evidence and facts.

I also believe in magic and the possibility that dreams might really come true.

I believe that there are forces out there that science hasn’t caught up with

But at the end of the day the only thing I really believe in is whether or not something works. If it’s testable and reliable then I believe in it — whether or not I can explain why it works.

I’m a life coach.

I’m also a writer. A poet. A dreamer. A dancer. A mystic.

What does this mean for you?

If you’re a quiet dreamer like me, then I’m guessing that you’ve known what you were meant to do in the world for a long time — or maybe you didn’t know you knew, but deep down inside of you somewhere you knew.

When I was fourteen I wrote the following paragraphs for a high school assignment:

I would hope that when I reach the end of my life, I am a better person than I am now. I would like to believe that I have somehow attained something worth attaining, given something worth giving, taught something worth teaching, told someone something they desperately wanted to hear and meant it, become something worth becoming, and reached my destination without forgetting to enjoy the journey.

I would like to be one step closer to answering the question- why? To have a deeper understanding of my purpose, and to leave my mark on someone’s life in some small way, no matter how insignificant: that they might look back one day and appreciate that small gesture that made their day a little better. Maybe they’ll decide to pass it on one day. Because what else is there worth achieving? When I have finished this cycle of growth, I would like to be able to think to myself that if I could do my entire life over, the things that I wouldn’t change would outweigh the things that I would, because then I could start over again, knowing that overall, I had succeeded.

More than a decade later, I stand by those paragraphs. You see, I didn’t know what I was supposed to be or do exactly — but somewhere deep inside of me there was a part of me that knew.

I believe that you have that part, too.

If you’ve spent your whole life yearning for something you knew was out there, something you knew that you were meant to be or do — then I need you to know that you’re in the right place.

Welcome home. Let’s get to know one another.


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